How much does AdWords cost And how does it work?


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Okay, I have never really understood AdWords, when you sign up for it, it talks about making your own campaign and stuff, all I want is the keyword tool, so any info on that to help would be really appreciated. Also how much does AdWords cost to get?
Adwords is free, you have to pay to do advertising campaigns thought.

Other than that, I - too - lack knowledge in this subject. I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials here on the forums, though
Just pretend to start a Campaign in Adwords. You can choose keywords for your advertisement. Here is shows you how much hits it's generating each month!
Adwords is a platform for advertisers. People can put up advertisements (as campaigns) and set a budget for how much they are willing to spend each day. Adwords takes money whenever someone clicks on the advertised link. It's free to sign up but obviously requires money if you want to advertise a link.
But when I sign up for adwords it asks for my credit card stuff, what happens if I give that information?
But when I sign up for adwords it asks for my credit card stuff, what happens if I give that information?

Nothing. No worry's. It's not a shady advertising company. It's Google. Just fill it in but just don't launch a campaign if you are not sure :)
I believe you can select how much you are willing to pay per view. When AdWords sees an opportunity for an ad, it will find all the relevant ones and then pick the highest bidder. So you could pay as little as 1 cent per view, but I think those will not be very well targeted. I've also heard that AdWords give you lots of views, but very little interaction. The people watch your video as an ad before watching another video. Most of them can't wait to skip it, and they really won't pay any attention to it, plus if they skip it too soon, it will screw up your retention. So I would think that for best results you should target very specific audiences, to ensure that you aren't just wasting money to increase the view counter. Those specific target audience will require you to pay more, to guarantee that your ad is selected.

I've also heard that you can buy the top suggested video spot for your own video. I would think that this approach is much better. Youtube cares about watch chains, they monitor how people get to your video and where they go next. If you pay to get your videos into a popular view chain, it could jump start your videos.

I haven't done any advertising, this is just what I've read from these forums.