How many hours do you spend browsing youtube?

Ghost OOKami

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I havnt seen this topic before (but i bet its come up). My life pretty much revolves around computers, I play computer games, i make youtube content, my college homework and Major is on computers...I dont see daylight unless I am walking between buildings at the college, or out for a drive to whereve lol (that might not be a good thing :p).

But I find that I spend about 2+ hours on youtube, just watching videos, everyday. Now I could go waaaaaay more than that if my internet wasnt such garbage (satellite inter net blows, can only use 15gigs of data per month. Luckily they have a free zone during 12-5am so i can get my fix of youtube, Living out in the middle of nowhere sucks). Ive been in college for almost 2 years, away from home and have moved to two different places...unfortunately for me the place im in now gets crap internet (lucky for me my college has great net). Before i moved out here i would probably spend 4hours or more a day just catching up on my subcriptions or just finding interesting stuff.

That may sound like a lot, but I dont watch tv, unless im going to bed. So the time most people are browsing channels on their tube, im browsing channels....on, youtube lol.

So how big is your addiction?
yeah i spend a lot of time on youtube say 3-4 hours but if a new game like crysis 3 or DMC come out i go vacant from youtube for about a week :p
Typically I'll catch up on all my new videos in the evening before I go to bed for about an hour or so. So, not too bad.
Haha, I'm around 2-3 hours of videos a day, and I work in software, so honestly, I'm in front of a computer around 12-14 hours a day. But then I switch it up and watch videos on my iPad, so that's...healthy.

I don't have a problem. I can stop whenever I want!
I spend like an hour everyday watching videos of this Filipino singing prodigy, Charice, sing.
I watch a lot of youtube, i browse for around 4 hours and watch 10minute vlogs and long gaming episodes. So yeah I spend way too long, but it is fun and I gain a lot of ideas from it!