How I Got 10K+ Views at 11 Years Old And Little English Knowledge


Jan 21, 2018
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So, before my channel got the name Vasage it was called MultiLegend619
I started the channel with very little knowledge of English, I live in Latvia and we do learn English in school, but in school I was the best at English in my class! P.S I still am. Well, I decided to create my own YouTube channel. My first video consisted of me, a 10 year old boy, jumping on a trampoline doing backflips and all kinds of tricks and flips. That video got about 10 views but I was very happy, that I now had my own YouTube channel and I was making videos!

The first good doing videos on my channel were me playing a game in a Latvian kind of Facebook called Draugiem lv
It was terribly edited and I put on a random soundtrack that got copyrighted about 2 months after the publishing. I was expecting to get a few views and feedback from my friends. But in a few months, the video got more than a thousand views, I was completely in shock.
Then I put out another video of me playing that same game, and to my surprise, again it racked up more than a thousand views! I was so proud of myself! I thought I was going to be the next PewDiePie.

I continued publishing many random videos, of me acting stupid and beatboxing :D
Well, I put out a video ''How to get the venom dragon in Dragon City'' It was a video without audio, just me writing the steps in a notepad on my pc and showing the steps. That video got 500+ views.

Then came my most popular video on my channel ''How to get out of Skate 3 Demo map without Xbox Live'' It was poorly filmed with a crappy android phone LG E510
I call this a MIRACLE....It got 5000 views!!

I was basically amazed. I saw comments thanking me and of course hate comments about the poor quality, my English and my TV. But I already had the armor to hate, as I ignored it. I was happy with my job. I actually helped people.

From that I understand that no matter how many views one of your videos gets, the next one will get more, and I was so excited to make videos and recieve good comments, I would respond to all of them, even hate comments, saying sorry for the things I got the hate comments.

Ideas for videos that I came up with were crazy, but they at least got some views :) I thought YouTube was my thing, and that it was easy, also that I am going to be the next PewDiepie with millions of subscribers, although i only had about 30 :D

The main thing is that if you don't give up because of a video with a small amount of views, you will rack up those views and it will make you smile. Even 2 views, 2 people dedicated their time to watch your, YOUR video!

In the end, YouTube is the place where if you will dedicate time and you will try... You will get there where you want. Sometimes it could be luck, but mainly, it is work that you put into your videos, and the love you put into your videos.

Not the views count, not the subscribers, but how deeply satisfied you are with your videos!

Good luck to every single owner of a channel!
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May 1, 2017
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Abu Dhabi
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Well said, my friend. Good luck with your future videos. No need to say sorry to anybody, I am sure those people who are giving you hate comments, they never tried to do anything in life. My first videos were also bad quality, audio, video, my English, everything was suck :D. However, as the time goes I improved a lot and as you said seeing that with some videos I helped people and that they give me their support by subscribing to my channel, motivates me to keep going forward.
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