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Aug 3, 2016
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When I started my channel a couple months back, I came across generic ranking strategies like using your keyword in your video Title, or Using related tags, you probably most have come across the same strategies yourself

Now although these strategies do help with video rankings, they where just not enough due to the high competition now a days on youtube...which is why I had to look for other ways and I will be sharing those 7 ranking factors with you in this post with the hope of helping you rank higher on the first page of youtube and Google

Actually I have used these ranking factors and I still use them till date to rank videos on my channel.

To be able to start ranking your videos for more views I follow these 7 factors or strategies

Lets kick things off with the first ranking factor which is Watch time.....Now when it comes to ranking videos on youtube watchtime plays a big role....YouTube has gone on the record several times even on Youtube Creator Academy to let creators know that they prefer to rank and promote videos with lots of accumulated Watch Time

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SO what is watch time?

Well Watch time is the total accumulated amount of time people have spent watching your video on YouTube. It’s also important to point out that Watch Time is different than Audience Retention.

Audience retention is a measurement of how much of your video people watch whereas what time is the accumulated time watched.

As it turns out, the same strategies that boost Audience Retention will also help increase your Watch Time.

Which is why you should start thinking of watch time for your videos from the point of creating the video.

With that in mind Here are two of the most effective ways to maximize your watch time.

First You might want to Plan and script your videos in advance....

usually planning and scripting your videos helps viewers to keep watching the video because you will know what to say in your videos as opposed to the uncomfortable long silence you will make in your videos when you are thinking of what to say.

Secondly Most YouTube viewers judge a video based on the first 15 seconds of content. So it’s important to hook viewers as soon as they start watching.

The next video ranking factor is the TSC tag formula

I learned the TSC formula from Brian Dean an SEo wizard and the owner of the backliko website

The TSc formula is a strategy of tagging your videos when you are in the process of uploading it on youtube for higher rankings

As you probably already know youtube uses your video tags to figure out what a video is about.

Now the problem most youtube beginners face is that they tag their videos with too many tags that are unrelated

The T in the TSC tag formula stands for target keyword....You want to make your first 2-3 tags your target keywords of which one is an exact match of the keyword in your video Title.

for example let's use how to make money on clickbank as the main targeting keyword,...the first video tag will be that exact keyword "how to make money on clickbank" together with 1 or 2 other variations of that exact keyword phrase.

[How to make money on clickbank as a beginner or How to make money on clcikbank without a website] can be variations of the main keyword phrase because they are closely related.

The S in the TSC tag formula stands for Synonyms Keywords..... and that's basically adding synonyms of your targeted keyword

So for a keyword phrase like "How to make money on clickbank", you will have [how to earn money online, or How to make money as an affiliate marketer] synonyms examples.

Then you have C, which stands for category keywords....., you want to also add 2 to 3 category tags at the end of your tagging.

Examples of category keywords in this case will be [make money or clickbank marketing].

The third ranking factor will be to have your video suggested on other videos

That means the more your video get suggested the more views you will get which will all lead to higher rankings

So how do you get your video rank as a suggested video?

Well Youtube suggests videos based on two main factors first is The types of videos that you recently watched and the second is The type of video you're currently watching

for example if you watch video about dogs,.... youtube is going suggest more dogs videos in the sidebar. Now when you optimize your video with the same keywords that another popular video uses.... you will have a good chance of showing up next to that video in the suggested video area

Now that means you always have to keep an eye on trending or popular videos in your niche to tap into.

The fourth ranking factor is Optimizing your video description

Along with your video title and tags Youtube uses your video description to understand your video’s content.

When you write an optimized description you can find yourself with higher rankings and more views.

You want to make your description at least 100 words, which includes your target keyword in the first two to three sentences of your description because Youtube algorithm put more weight on terms that show up in the first two to three sentences of your description.

The next ranking factor is on Boosting your click through rate

Click through rate is basically the percentage of people that see your video in the search results and click on it.

Youtube pay very close attention to your video’s click through rate and if lots of people click on your video youtube will give your video a rankings boost.

So how do you increase your click through rate?

Your video Title and Thumbnail are the two main things people see before deciding on whether to click through to your video or not

That means you have to always make sure your video Title and thumbnails are appealing to your targeted audience.

Optimizing your video Title

For the Titles after adding your main keyword, you can use [parentheses] or in some cases attention grabbing :lovedup:emojis:lovedup: to give viewers a sneak preview of what's in the video

Optimizing Your video Thumbnail

For your video thumbnail, well you will want to create a custom thumbnail for your videos since that will help the video stand out among your competition on the search rankings

The last ranking factor is strategically promote your videos

Now this is where most video creators on youtube ignore. I remember when I got started with youtube I used to think all have to do is optimize my videos and posting it ...hoping the views will just come flooding.

Well how wrong was I, and that's why I try now to strategically promote all or at least most of the videos I upload.

Yes, I know in some cases you can upload a video and it will start getting views without promoting it but the truth is the more backlinks you have on a video will increase the video ranking on both youtube and google

A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. Search engines like Google use backlink as a ranking signal because when one website links to another, it means they believe the content is worthy

Backlinking includes sharing your videos on social site and embedding them on other websites including your website.

Watch the video for more details and examples

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