How do I do this effect?


I'm putting together a YouTube background and I want my "DeantheDinosauce" text to have the same 'drawnback' effect as seen on the "Despicable Me" words on this DVD cover, do anyone know how to do it? Or have a link for a video?

That's just a special font made for the movie and a 3D software :)

Try Blender for Free or :

- Cinema4D for design
- 3DS Max for Visual Effects
- Maya for Animation
A drop shadow will add a background shadow to a text giving a fake perspective effect but not a full "3D" text effect.
Don't take me wrong, you can fake 3D in Photoshop, but using a Drop Shadow isn't the right way.
Yea sorry use the drop shadow effect in photoshop and then add the angles using polygonal tool. and add a gradient to that... Is it really that hard...