Melanie King

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Hey guys! So I started my YouTube channel about a year ago and for the first 7 months or so the growth was fairly consistent. Now, not so much. It seems like people go to my channel and like my videos, but they don't subscribe or they never comment back again. Where as the first few months I actually gained loyal subscribers who still to this day interact on a good amount of my videos.

So my question is what is it on my channel specifically that I need to be doing differently to make people actually stay. I reply to every single comment on my posts, heck even when the few "hate" comments show up I keep them as well. And when people recommend things, 8/10 times I end up doing them.

I don't want to be that channel you happen to stumble upon in the recommended feed, then never look at ever again. But I don't know what it is I'm doing/NOT doing that's slowly making my channel feel that way.

Any and All help/advice is greatly appreciated:smilingcute:
Try changing up your tags a little! Put more relevant and descriptive tags in your videos! And maybe try changing up how you write your description! These are things I have been told to do, so I figured it might help to share with others! Just remember that there is no way to MAKE people stay on your channel. I will definitely stick around! You are funny!