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Jul 29, 2019
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In this video, I want to give you a housing market update for 2021. Specifically, I address three issues related to the real estate market: doing business during the holidays, doing business during COVID-19 lockdowns, and what to do if everything goes to hell. The natural tendency for most real estate investors will be to take the foot off the gas during December. But that could be a devastating mistake. During the holidays, real estate investors like to take it easy because they think buying and selling will slow down. However, it's during December that you're going to find the most motivated sellers of the year. If you take anything from this housing market update, it should be to keep looking for sellers during the holidays. Currently, many states are tightening COVID-19 restrictions, which is having an effect on the real estate market. Many investors may panic, but it's important to keep in mind that we've been in this already and many real estate investors are having their best years ever. Focus not on what's happening, but on what you want to have happen. Third, you need a crisis action plan. Many investors will either freeze, or just try and ride out the lockdowns without making any gains. But between now and December 2022, the ones that will thrive are those whose motivation outweighs their fear. Once things get going again, there's going to be a rush to the market. Your success during that time will depend on your actions now. The real estate market is full of opportunities for great deals. Hopefully this housing market update will give you the confidence to go out and find them. Remember, the more you learn, the more you’ll earn.