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A lot of people have been speculating about a possible housing market crash 2021. It’s true that we’re long overdue for a crash, but in this video, I explain why, when it comes to real estate investing, it doesn’t matter. Appreciation is really just the icing on the cake when it comes to investing in real estate. If you want the cake along with the icing, then you need to look at the other three profit centers that most investors ignore or don't understand. The first profit center is cash flow. This is the money you get from tenants who pay you rent every month. Cash flow can lead to incredible profits due to the equity that’s built up over time, and can help insulate you from the predicted housing market crash 2021. Now, another source of profits in real estate investing is called depreciation. This is where the IRS gives property owners an annual deduction based on wear-and-tear on the property. In my case, this amounts to 80 percent of the property value broken up over 27 years. The last profit center is amortization. This is the money accrued from the down payment on the initial loan. I love this one because it's the tenant who pays those down payments in the form of rent each month. So, let’s say the housing market crash 2021 happens. Even if the market crashes and the home value goes down, you would only lose the money from the appreciation. That’s why -- if you know how to do it right -- real estate investing is always a good opportunity.