Home Theater Build VLog - Ep.1 (1st Ever in this format!)


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Aug 24, 2015
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Hi YTTalkers,

I've had my channel actively uploading for just over 1 month now and I've seen it go from 0 subs to 223 subs. At the moment I'm getting 10 subs a day on average.

The whole reason I started the videos on my channel was to do a Home Theater Vlog throughout the build to share. But I've found myself 28 videos in and I am only now doing my first VLog lol. I like how it can be adhoc and no script but you have to be quick thinking. I'm not that quick. I have a ibm 486 for a brain I think. Anyways really stoked with how it came out and will be interesting to see how the 223 subscribers recieve it. But most importantly I wanted to share it here with critics that know what to look for and help me. Im also happy to share anything you like about my channel and how I went about it. Thanks for your time to view it, I appreciate it!

[DOUBLEPOST=1480767659,1480695408][/DOUBLEPOST]I've added 15 subs in 20 hours since uploading the video. Not sure if it was entirely this video that helped all them subscribers over the line.

238 Subs and counting :)
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