Hey guys I'm a new channel feedback would be appreciated

How good is the mic quality and video quality for a starting channel?

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Hey guys I would like some feedback on my content so I could improve I just started so I'm going to keep progressing as I move forward and I would look feedback on how professional it looks besides the logo because I should be changing that soon
I added a link because it said my channel didn't exist
Hi MannyGames!

-Your starter lines should be at the beginning of the video. Don't wait 10s to talk about it or else people will just click pass!
-You should add horizontal sections of videos on your youtube main page so that people don't have to go to Videos tab to see it.
-Your profile looks great! But your banner is way too simple! Either make it with same style as profile or maybe add some gaming contents onto it!
-Remember to work on you thumbnails as well. I would suggest you put the "M" of your profile at the corner of every videos of yours. That will make them more consistent.

Also, I'm super busy these days and I can't review everyone (I do review on Facebook as well) so please be patient! Either you come to my youtube channel to enjoy my videos or just send me a Private message. Don't comment on my video telling me to review because it will be automatically deleted.
Anyway, keep it up!
a 4 minute trailer is a bit long especially if it's just you talking-- your link isn't working so I couldn't click on it - Your banner is simple BUT it looks nice - I think it's fine if you start to brand yourself around that, maybe make your thumbnails look a bit similiar? You ever go onto a channel and kind of see a pattern with their thumbnail and banner etc, it kinda just goes together? It looks a lot nicer that way but besides that, I think your audio could be a bit louder, try messing with it, like talking distance and how loud your voice is.