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First I want to pull my desk away from the wall and turn it so that the back of the desk is facing the center of the room and the chair will be facing the wall. That way when I'm doing the videos I can hang my cloth material up on the wall for a background/backdrop.

Plus I can also store the items for my reviews and shopping hauls right in the closet that way its easier to get to the stuff rather then having it all sitting in the bags or boxes all over the floor.

And since the desk is not all that deep I just use it for my laptop.

There are some deep drawers though.

I have a few pieces of material I want to use as backgrounds and I want to get a few more. I was thinking about folding the material and putting them in a large baggie and storing them in the bottom drawer of the desk.

Here is how I want to set up the desk.

(1) Box cutter knife
(2) Sharpe Scissors
(3) Baggie with Material for backgrounds
(4) Extra Batteries (AA-AAA) (Just in case product don't come with batteries)

Can anyone else give me some tips on what might be needed to keep in my desk drawers on hand for random accessories for videos.

I think my current biggest problem is needing to clean out and organize my closet for a place to store all of my things for my upcoming videos.

Plus the closet door has been removed a while ago. Should I leave it open or cover it with a curtain or something in the videos.

Quick question what do you use for go to accessories?
Do you have a caddie or a large purse you use to corral all the goodies you use for your videos?
Do you have any tips for a beginner like me that would like to start making some good videos on her phone?

Plus I do have (2) desk lamps 1 dose not have a shade and has a LED Light Bulb. The other lamp has a goose neck style to it and also has a LED Light Bulb.

Should I get shade for lamp without shade or leave it off. Any tips for light would really help.

Thank You.
Most of it is up to personal preference really, if you don't like the look of the closet door being open then cover it, but if you think the look of the video is good without doing that then leave it as it is.

On the flip side of that it's good if the stuff in your scene relates to your videos. From what you described having on your table I'm assuming that you're making things and have an arts and crafts channel, it's great if you do because that means that the look of the video is very fitting to what your video is about. With that type of channel if wouldn't be that fitting to have a video game collection on your desk for example because that's not what you're talking about. It doesn't matter if they are in the background or something but it helps with the look if everything's related.

As for what accessories I use, I'm actually still using the same set that I use for my technology channel, but after moving focus to my animation discussion channel, I've taken some of the things off the shelf in frame (I think I had an android figure on there) and replaced them with more fitting animation and film things like a clapper board and the Art Is Dead book by Tom Ska.

I have some drawers that I keep my stuff in out, it's not in frame in my videos. Also if you're starting with a phone you could get one of those small tripods and a phone holder (I got the one I have off the top of a selfie stick). Otherwise there's this great thing that you clip onto a table and it has an arm thing that you can bend in whatever way you want, you then put the phone at the other end of it. I use it for watching movies in bed (it's a great experience I'd definitely recommend it) but you could use it for recording too. Also make sure that you record from the back camera unless your phone has a really good front facing camera.