HELP!!!!! YouTube isn't recognizing my Short as a Short. What am I doing wrong?

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Feb 11, 2014
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UGH!!! I uploaded my first Short and YouTube doesn't recognize it as a short. It is has a 9:16 ratio, 1080x1920 pixels, "#Shorts" both in the title and the first line in the description (being the only thing on that line), and is only 28 seconds long. And yet, when I go to customize my channel, the "Short videos" section says this: "Short videos (0) This section will appear after a short video has been uploaded". When I go to traffic sources, the "Shorts" category is grayed out. If you want to check out the video to possibly see what might be wrong, do a search for "28-sec Game Show: Rick Gualtieri | Round 1 | #Shorts".

What did I do wrong?

UPDATE: I think part of the problem was that we were upload a 16:9 videos with a 9:16 clip on it. I believe that is now correctly done. But still, YouTube isn't recognizing the uploads as a short and that is suppose to happen immediately upon upload. It says right in the "Short videos" section on the channel page ("This section will appear after a short video has been uploaded") and other posters elsewhere have said this.

SECOND UPDATE: Well, my editor and I have done everything we can. I've searched the web for hours for answers and found none. On the bright side, we did catch that we were uploading 16:9 videos with a 9:16 image in them. All shorts videos will now be the correct 9:16. Likewise, the thumbnails are 9:16. But that's it. We've only uploaded two shorts and they'll be released one a day. We'll add only another short each day now and HOPEFULLY something will click and they'll be recognized as shorts and put in the "Short videos" section on the channel page and on the Short Shelf. At least that's the plan until someone has a better solution.

THIRD UPDATE: YouTube is now recognizing the shorts as shorts. Problem solved.
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