Help with Mic?


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I have this shotgun mic, the Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Video Camera Condenser Shotgun Microphone, which I use with my Canon VIXIA HF R200 Full HD Camcorder. My problem is, the microphone only records into the left earbud in stereo. :confused: I am not sure if it is the mic or the way my camera reacts with the mic... If you watch my video in my signature, you will see what I mean. I need help! :eek:
i have no idea what is wrong with your mic and also it comes out of the left speaker, but if you use Sony Vegas there is a pan option for the audio and if you copy the audio and in the copied audio put all the sound to the right using the pan effect (under the effects for sounds) it will move the audio from the left to the right and if you keep the original audio and copied audio it should come out both speakers, this will work for a temporary fix until you figure out whats wrong . if you don't use Sony Vegas than what do you use i may be able to help in another program to i am just more familiar with Vegas but i have used others. Good luck! :D and i subbed to your channel your videos are good.
I meant left, haha. Anyway thanks for the advice and thanks for subscribing! I will give it a try.
The ATR-6550 as with most shotgun mics is mono not stereo (look at the 1/8" connector it only has a single band) and thus it only records to one channel.

You can fix this in post like mentioned already with most editors, and if that is a hassle just invest in a mono-->stereo adapter and it will duplicate the single channel to dual channel stereo directly to the camcorder.

Something like this is what you need:

I also suggest a right angle adapter so that the cable does not stick too far out the side and maybe damage your mic port.
The microphone will only record on one channel. So, in the editing, you need to balance the audio (or copy it to the other channel)