Help. Very new to YouTube. Copyright claim question


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Hello. I’ve just started uploading to YouTube. 4 videos and a whole 7 subs with about 100 views. The first “real” video I put up has a copyright claim. I have the YouTube studio but I’m just not seeing where I can see what part is being claimed. Is it the free app I used to change my voice ? Is it the free app I used to make interlude screens ? Is it the music or sound effects I used on another free app ? I’ll gladly figure out other options for editing my videos but I need to see what the issue is first. I know I’m early in and far from having to worry about being monetized but I don’t want to waste my time from this point on just in case. Do I need to be monetized to see this info or am I just not looking in the right place ?
Figured it out. Used music from the iMovie app that came on my iPad for a little background. I thought if something was freely given to me it would be ok to use. Not a big deal…lesson learned.