HELP!- Thinking of dropping after - 100 plus videos -1 plus year -Kids Channel

Should we Stop our Channel?

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Andy R

Active Member
HI everyone, We started our Kids channels about a year ago. We made a lot of progress with shooting, scripting, editing etc over time to come up with quality content. Spent $$$ on ads and promotion. Tried sub to sub but nothing is working for us.

We are planning to give to last 3-4 months before we give us. I am looking for suggestions from all experience Youtubers and Experts out there who can analyze our channel little bit and give us some tips please?
In my opinion, if you (or anyone else) are considering quitting just because the channel hasn't performed to your expectations within a certain time frame, then you should quit. There's nothing at all wrong with having that priority, but it's a very difficult standard to put on any new channel and keep it going day after day, in such a competitive environment.

We are lucky because the only reason we made videos for the first 5 years or so we had our channel is because we loved making videos and telling stories. We had no expectation of success and made videos when we felt like it. We weren't putting any pressure on our channel to succeed with views, subs, etc. If your first priority is just trying to quickly grow to be a huge successful channel, that's fine, but that can be a very frustrating reason to keep going until something clicks.