Help me name a channel with 250k SUBS!!!


I've Got It
Okay I need to rebrand one of my channels but I can’t think of any names that are available on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

My name is Richard Banks I would love for some part of my name to be included in it. I thought of “AreBanks” but that names taken on insta and Twitter. Let me see what you got don’t hold back now!
@TN7 yeah I thought Mr.Banks too! I think that's swave.[DOUBLEPOST=1516671487,1516671383][/DOUBLEPOST]Or maybe RichBanks because it's your name, but also RICH+BANKS=$ so you can keep that money theme[DOUBLEPOST=1516671705][/DOUBLEPOST]Maybe Banksy? I know he's a famous artist, but there is no one by that name on YouTube, and twitter (only fan pages to the artist)
BanksShot (or BanksShots). Both are available on YouTube right now, and which I personally like, given that I'm a big fan of both puns and basketball