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Tanika Tucker

Apr 23, 2013
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Okay heyy guys and irls of course ladies and gents and all those intros. I recently started a collab with the lovely Chazzayln and if you are interested feel free to email me :):-[ its a mouthful but here you go Spaztasticlover509@gmail.com .Also thats how you can reach me with requests, info, or any questions that maybe you wanted answered but are a little personnal. The purpose of our collab is kinda like a big sister little sister. Where here to be rolemodels and just have some fun :). So im asking you now if you have questions leave them below. Guys are free to ask to :). Like if your a guy and you wanna know how to get the special girl, or advice on girls or just curious about stuff feel free to leave them below. Now alittle bit about our collab. We have about 5 -6 more openings for girls 14-2+. I, know thats kinda a big range but its kinda better that way. We do vlogs, tags, diys, answer questions amd hopefully give aways once we get more ppl interested and involved. Again if your interested or have any personnal question just email me or dm me on twitter @HeyyBeautiful50 . Thats all have a lovely day and Dont forget we want you to take part in out girlish collab