Green Screen Fabrics


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I was wondering if the brightness of the green fabric you use for chroma keying matters? For example would a dark green fabric work as well as a mid toned green? Will a very bright green like a lime green work? Would green felt work or does it have to be muslin cotton?

Can anyone here recommend a supplier of decent quality, easy to iron green screen fabric preferably in the UK?

Thanks :)
hmm, i'm not sure but I would recommend ebay as it probably have some good quality green screen on there
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oh and also it will have lots of tones of green too, to suit your needs
I have had a look on there and thats why I am asking these questions, there are a lot of other materials on there other than cotton that are cheaper like felt but I aint sure if felt is any good :D
Hmmm i'm not sure if I am going to be right but i'm quite sure PVC is a very good green screen as it can be used to absorb and refelct the light from the surrounding giving it the best effect!
Thats what I would have thought, anything with a shiny rubbery plastic sort of finish you would think would bounce light back easily or be lit up more easily. I was thinking about velvet because its really durable but I can imagine it absorbing the light too much.
I aint buying one myself it is my partner but I was helping her look for one :) I will let you know what she goes for.
i use a bright green background for my green screen work. it all depends on your software too. i could use any color in fcpx to chroma key but stuck with green since i dont ever where green. a darker green might have issues keying with some other dark colors you might wear. i use a simple cotton fabric pinned to the wall. i have an area 8x9 and the fabric cost me about $17 usd.