Got youtube on my latest dvd player - questions


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My latest bluplayer (with wifi ) not only has Netflick but now has youtube ! .. it works by typing in searches . I maged to get this by having the machine identify with my regular log in

but I'd like to know if somehow the youtube on my player can be used to ''harvest '' my own favourtes and personal homemade videos I currently have there now ,, the same way as my own personal manage videos such as on my current account does now .
it would be nice to have all my own videos in spot like it is on my account to this youtube service in my New dvd player .. to be played back to my widescreen TV .
is this possible ? if so how to set up just log in with my id and password only??
Wrong forum, in both senses. I highly recommend reading the manual that likely came with your bluplayer. In the absence of a manual, I recommend contacting the manufacturer.