Google gave me a lame custom URL?


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My channel's called JackyB, and Google said I'm eligible for a custom channel URL. The one it offered me is

Okay, I'm over-reacting, but has anyone else had "UK" or similar added onto theirs?
Weird because it seems is not taken. I am not from the uk but i just got .

Can you contact them about it and ask to change it to plain jackyb?
Change your Google+ name to Jacky
Then go to claim custom URL again (after refreshing), and just add a "B" when it asks you to add letters/numbers, now you'll have /c/JackyB/
Then just change your Google+ name back to JackyB



I just encountered the same problem after reaching 100 subs, only rather than adding on "UK", they just said that there are other people using this name and to add letters/numbers. I checked and in fact no-one was using the name. The above is how I resolved it and got the exact url I wanted :)