Vlog Girl Collab time (:

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Tanika Tucker

Apr 23, 2013
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Okay hii ^.^ a lot of my thingys have been taken down because I was telling me to subscribe-.- so let me put it this was if you would like to be apart of me and chazzayln collab we would really appreciate it if you subscribed. Its not to like promote our channel its just so when we do updates about the collab instead of messaging all of yall you could just watch and find the update easier :) . Of course we will subscribe back to those who make it in the collab. This is a girld only collab. The idea is a big sister little sis kinda community . Thats why the age range is 14-21. WThe vlogs, tags, advice and tutorials will be for the whole week but if you audition or we choose you to be in the collab you are allowed to choose 2 -3 days to vlog. This col is open to anybodu not just beauty gurus, or girly girls. If your into sports or not really girly thats okay :) Just tell us thay way we donthave you doing like a makeup tag if you like sports ya know that would be weird if your interested just simply message either one of us for more details we only need 6 girls and me amd chazzayln are the main advisors or collabers for this collabs. If you girls want us to amswer ANY QUESTION or guys to if your wondering somethin about girls just comment and quote , e in this thread im doing a vlog in a sec for this so feel free to tune in :)
I wish you all the best of luck, Basically we need energetic, sweet, kinda quirky,teen girls for our collab you^.^ if you dont get in its okay! Your name will deff be on the list for any give away, shout outs or collabs we do in the future please comment questions and again message chazzayln on here or comment on my channel or just message me though youube thank you :)
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