Gaming Funny Moments group/youtubers (On PC)


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Hello, I am looking for a group of YouTubers who I can collab with in funny moments videos.

Games I have

Dirty Bomb
Realm Royale
Cuisine Royale

I am always willing to spend more money on games to record, if you have any suggestions
down to record with you as long you above 16 and allow swearing and sometimes dark humor Discord tag NooiceGamer#2291 add me if you are those things
I would like to record with both of you as well. I usually game on twitch under masterjx9 and I have a youtube channel where I put my fortnite music called mastertainment. I will try to reach out to both of you if you guys are interested in recording some funny moements for Fortnite or any other games. I usually play fortnite, Halo, and platforming games for my self.

my discord tag is masterjx9
my cgn account is masterjx9
my twitch is mastejx9
my youtube channel for gamming is mastertainment