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hey to who ever is reading this i need some people to play games with and if your interested just dm me on my discord: Vague TV#2454 or on my youtube channel btw dont click the link that the website already has of my channel it doas not work the real one is on my profile i posted it and here is the name Vague TV (yes with a space) btw i have have one video you can comment on nothing on the video though.
and as for the games i play
fortnite(even though iam horrible)
NHL 18
rocket league
and any other games you want to play
as for my expectations i dont care if you are good at the games or not i just want to have fun thats all and i would like you to be 15 or older and thats about it i dont care how many subs you got just hmu on the places i mentioned and lets hope we can make this happen lets have a good group and grow together.