Freedom! Network Review.

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Berke Candar

I've Got It
Aug 24, 2014
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Network Name: Freedom

Time With Network: 3 Months

Review: My experience with Freedom wasnt good.I never got a channel spotlight but the ones that commented days later than I did,got what they wanted.I watched most of their videos.I also remember George saying this in a video "Stay with us at least 2 months and we promise we'll help you grow." Well, not for me.Freedom never helped me,their support is horrible.I had to wait 4-5 days just to get a sentence that didnt even helped me.

Support Rating: 2/10

Features Rating: I would give Freedom 6/10.They have channel spotlights (which I never got).They have 60/40 (which is not that good).They have talented people in their forums If you want a collab and a nice looking dashboard.
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