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Hi guys on my channel I do gaming but used to do a lot of GFX so I thought I should get back into it on this channel you will find my portfolio so check it out I make:

- Standard Backgrounds
- Partnered Backgrounds
- Thumbnails
- Basic Intros
- Video Thumbnails

I will make anybody a piece of GFX if they would request some so don't be shy to ask pm me on my youtube and we will talk more also it would be helpful for you to subscribe so I can get recognised more I have made quite a lot of GFX in the past AND IM COMING BACK to make it for clans or just normal youtubers and the more respect I have the more I shall get better so thanks for reading this and don't forget to message if you would like some!!!
I see you make intros, could you also make outros? I don't feel like listing exactly what I want if you say no, so just gonna ask that first.
Don't bother with the backgrounds, YouTube is getting rid of them on the 22nd of this month.
Ok any other request still message me on youtube cos it quite late and ill start making you guys everything tommorow and will reply back to you when it shall be done by :D
Hey Reflex! I'd like a nice little Dark Intro? Like a Dark Purple an Black? I've been looking all over for intros 2 an avail:\

Also maybe some thumnails, For once I completly figure out the thumnail thing... Im prepared to give you all the YTalk Cash I have at the moment your done of course:)
Not open for further replies.