Free Gaming Grunge YouTube Background with PSD (Partners Only)


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Hey everyone,

I have just finished my latest background which is a partners background called Gaming Grunge. It is rather nice and I am also releasing the PSD with this one so you can make adjustments with your channel name and such. If anyone wants this released as a non partner background let me know and I will get round to it when I can.

I will be releasing this on soon with a link to here to get the PSD for editing it. I hope someone finds use for this, it can be tweaked for non-partners or anyone who isnt a gamer simply change up the texts and add your own logo in Photoshop :)

I wont be making adjustments so please use the PSD or post a request in the backgrounds, banners and intros forum for someone to adjust it for you.

Click thumbnail to view full size -


Download here:

A few terms:

No distribution or repackaging in any form
No making this downloadable elsewhere
Watermark must remain intact if you keep the background design in there, if you modify it the main background layer then fair enough leave it out.

Enjoy :D

PSD will be added in a moment.
That is indeed an excellent background, I'm not familiar with how they're made (or how they're set up) but eventually I'll be putting one on my own gaming channel. Nice to see people working in the creative scene here.