feedback for the first video in a series to come!

Hi guys smouchysmouch here, so I just wanted to get feedback for this video in a series I will be doing. Quick explaination on what it is? You got it sir/mam!
I run a dungeons and dragons (tabletop game) campaign on roll20 (website that lets you hosts tabletop games) and I recorded the audio for me to personally keep track of the happenings of the campaign. I realised listening to this audio it was really funny, so I decided to learn animation and make animation to create a story from the audio! This is what I have come up with, In a Dungeon with a Dragon, your feedback will be appreciated because it will help me in the future of this series, thank you and all the best to you and you channels!
Please be aware there is a lot of swearing in this video and might offend, I apologise for that on behalf of my friends, thanks again!