Fair Use to AMVs?


I've Got It
I was wondering if The Fair Use Act applies to AMVs. I tried going through it but, call me dumb, I didn't really get it. If anyone could help me here I would be much appreciative.
I'm fairly sure Fair Use only applies to things that serve an educational purpose. So if you were reviewing Anime, technically you would be able to use clips from an anime. (In moderation of course. You can't put up the entire episode.)

I'm no expert but I don't think it would count :p
The AMV uses small clips and no sound from the anime itself.
Ok. Yes. I realize this. I've seen AMVs before, though I'm also fairly sure that unless you composed the music you're making the AMV for, you're using music from an artist. Correct?

It doesn't fall under fair use if it's not educational, you're not reviewing it, parodying, etc.

I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyways :p
Nah, a friend of mine got a strike without claiming by shonen jump because he reviewed a Naruto manga.