Do Youtube videos count as "Commercial Use"? What if the video gets monetized afterwards?


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So, I'm planning on creating a Youtube Channel (separately).
Obviously, videos are much better with music in them.
There are several websites out there that offer "Copyright Free" music, and most (if not all) of them require the music to be used in "non-commercial" ways, at least for the free options.
Now I hear that Youtube videos is counted as Non-commercial use..
However, I also hear that when the videos are monetized, or (which I doubt) MEANT to be monetized, it counts as "Commercial Use"..
Up to what point does a Youtube video count as "Non-Commercial Use"?
What happens if a video has no ads, but later on gets ads added onto it? Is the "license" revoked?

I'm looking for professional opinions, not guesses, sorry; I've had enough of guesses. Everyone guesses differently..
I don't really haven an answer for that, but it reminded me of a concern a had when signing my mortgage papers. Does Youtubing inside your house count as running a business out of it if you make money? If so, then too bad lol.
I'm looking for professional opinions, not guesses, sorry; I've had enough of guesses. Everyone guesses differently..

Then ask the website that is offering the music. Only a written answer by them is worth anything. Any other opinions are just speculation. - Ask them what they mean by "non-commercial" and ask them if Youtube is considered ""non-commercial" If they say it's ok, keep their answer. It's proof of permission.
Creating videos intended for monetization on YouTube definitely counts as commercial use. Please read this excerpt from the YouTube Partner Programme Polices.

Ensure that you have commercial use rights for your content

It's important that you have the right to use all of your content commercially before monetising it on YouTube. If you continuously submit ineligible videos, you may be suspended from the YouTube Partner Programme.

Here are some of the key monetisation policies related to copyright:

  • Own commercial use rights: Make sure that you have all the rights to the content that you attempt to monetise. This includes the rights to all audio and video elements.
  • Understand your rights: If you incorporate third-party content in a video that you attempt to monetise, make sure that you understand your rights granted by the licence.
  • Monetising third-party content: Make sure that you're adding value to any third-party content that you monetise, and that your content has significant original commentary, educational value or editorialised statement.
  • To answer the OP's question regarding licensing, yes, to take a non-commercially licensed media asset, and violate that license by later monetizing a production created from same would auto-revoke that license; and open the affected user to copyright claims or strikes for non-authorized use.
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