Dispute awaiting response for almost one month..!


A Gamer From India - Ha Ha
So, I uploaded a video named " Top 5 - Next Gen Game Engines (Extreme Graphic Detail) "
In this video I use a small clip from battlefield 3 to show my viewers how they use frostbite engine to create this graphics intensive game.
But this clip got claimed by EA. So I dispute against it cause I'm sure it is under fair use policy.
But this dispute is in awaiting response stats for almost 1 month.
So what should I do now?
Is this just a content Id claim?
Don't worry about it too much, but also don't be surprised if its released only to have them Id it again in the next 2 seconds of footage.

I've experienced this personally with music, even after disputing it and having it released twice only to have the same companies tag the exact same point for the same garbage.
I've normally only ever used public domain music or music thats really old, i'm talking mozart/beethoven old.

The funny thing is I've used more recent music, one in particular is Akon's "Smack That" chorus on my video and never received an id for it, and its a pretty unique chorus.

So basically, try to avoid things that could be used as a target, most companies don't seem to particularly care for fair use and youtube.
Even if it's fair use, EA have full right to Claim the video, you'll more than likely end up getting a Copyright Strike since you can't dispute it since it's not your content.
If they don't respond to the dispute and it passes the date you will see on the dispute then the claim is released from the video.