Disney's Magic Kingdom, Enchanted Tales with Belle. Occasional Vlog #48

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May 29, 2016
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London, UK
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It is easy to see Walt Disney World as just a bunch of theme parks, all rides, restaurants, and character meets, but Disney is always more than doing the obvious. Some of the things that you'll find at all of the parks, are ways of mixing simple meets with short performances of your favorite animated feature, and this is in effect exactly what Enchanted tales with Belle is.

Rather than just meeting Belle, or watching a shortened version of Beauty and the Beast, this is the opportunity to take part in acting out the story with Belle, whilst Lumière takes on the role of narrator.

As attractions go, this is very much overshadowed by Gaston's Tavern and the Be our guest dining experience, but especially for the younger kids this opportunity to perform and interact with the characters really should be a must do.

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