Did You See That S#@t? | Fibrillation HD (Indie Horror Game) #1

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Oct 16, 2016
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Hi guys today we take a look at an indie horror game called Fibrillation HD, we start with a tower that rebuilds itself very weirdly and once we enter, darkness takes over. cool puzzles and enemies that are sometimes hard to see and come from the least expected places begin to show up and try to kill us. i had to turn up the brightness a bit so you guys could see more that what i saw in my gameplay.
About Fibrillation HD:
Fibrillation is a philosophical and mystical horror story experienced in the first person and designed to be played in one sitting. This is a small game, and a full session takes about an hour and a half to complete. The game provides players with the unique experience of being immersed in an atmosphere of emptiness, helplessness and anxiety, just like in our worst nightmares.

The protagonist, Ewan, wanders through mysterious places, trying to figure out where is he. Hounded by his fears, our hero must overcome all obstacles to find a way out, after which the player will face the choice of how he ends the game, thus deciding Ewan's fate.

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Did You See That S#@t? | Fibrillation HD (Indie Horror Game) #1
By AMX Gaming