Did I mess up my channel with poor retention rates?


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Jun 11, 2022
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Hey everybody, just looking for a little piece of advice. I started a gaming channel a few months ago. Had pretty decent views depending on the topic, from 5 to a few hundred. Then I posted a clip of the johnny depp trial.

This got 400,000 views and at first I was over the moon, I put the end card sending traffic to my most recent upload on the end of that video and all my videos are now getting hundreds of views. I thought this was great! Then I noticed the retention rate of my gaming videos. Absolutely awful, everyone turns my videos off around 30 seconds in. This makes sense. If you clicked on a video of juicy drama you're probably not going to be interested in my nerdy gaming videos.
I have since turned the end card of the popular video to something else, so that my new videos won't have such poor retention rates. Now my videos are geting <10 views so I'm wondering. Did I completely screw my channel up by having videos with consistently poor retention rates? My most recent videos are about a pretty niche, old point and click horror game, too. So I would believe it's just the topics of my videos aren't super popular right now, but I could also see youtube's algorithm not liking having consistently poor retention. Should I just cut my losses and start a new channel or am I fine?