Creator Collab Match - A New Tool for Growing YouTube Channels


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Mar 13, 2023
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Please send me a message if I am breaking any rules. I am writing about a non-profit that I am building.

I recently had an idea for a new platform that helps creators grow their social media communities for free.
One of the bottlenecks for your growth is attention. If people don't see your videos, you won't get any views and it doesn't matter how good your content is.

Creator Collab Match is the solution to this. The goal is to bring attention to your content.

The concept is really simple:
  1. You create a short video about your channel that grabs the viewers attention and makes him want to find more about you
  2. You find other youtubers on that have similar content to yours
  3. They cut your video into their own long-form content and you get more attention. You do the same for them in return
  4. You both benefit and get new loyal subscribers

The MVP for just got released and I would really appreciate some feedback. I want to find out if this is an idea worth pursuing and if there is demand.

Here is also a quick video that explains it in more detail: YT video