Creative Nation Review

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Feb 14, 2013
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Tipperary, Ireland.
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Gamer, Commentator
Network Name: Creative Nation

Time With Network: 4 Months


My time with CN has been quite good, I usually have been payed on time (For CN that's the 10th), their Dashboard isn't much, it offers Analytics on your channel however I just prefer using YouTube's Standard or Social Blade, they also give you access to a decent amount of Royalty Free Music to use in your videos, allot of them are pretty good and worth using, some sound affects may be found here as well. They also offer 90/10 split which well above what most networks, I had an average CPM of about €2-3 a month with them.

Support Rating: I can't really give a rating on Support since I never had a reason to contact them.

Features Rating:

I would give CN a 8/10 on their features, it does give you access as stated above to a nice library of music and effects to use in your videos, they also have Partner forums on their Forum for getting Graphics Made. etc. Their analytics part of the dashboard isn't much more than Social Blade but it's Ok.

Overall CN are a very good network offering some pretty good features and good split.

Also: My old channel was linked with them but it is now deleted, however Social Blade still has it on file so use this as proof I was with them:

Hope this helps. :)
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