Here's another little issue I have with my partnership.
I was told that if I get a copyright strike, I will lose the partnership. I can reapply after it's resolved, but I don't want to get to that point.
In one of my videos, a part of a "The Last Of Us" playthrough, third party content had been found, which I acknowledged and the video was up, no problems. At that point though, I didn't have the partnership, so I don't know if that would change anything.
I still haven't uploaded the last part, in which the credits are shown, because I'm not too sure about it. There's music in it, which definitely doesn't belong to me and I don't want to get a copyright strike because of that.
Should I upload it anyway? I've seen lots of gamers, who are partnered, upload parts showing the credits and letting the music play and they didn't have any problems whatsoever.
Any ideas?
Thanks :3
Lower the music volume or mute it. I had a Hotline Miami video which I had to reupload because IODA tried to claim rights to the Sun Araw song, so I ended up having to redo the video, but I lowered the volume so it can still just be heard and re-uploaded it. Not copyright claims on it now.
The way I understood it, just not monetizing the videos that have third party content in them should get you out of all that trouble.