Copyright question - local gigs, unsigned bands


May 4, 2012
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I have a number of videos from gigs I attend on my channel, the band in question are aware and are happy for me to do this.

However I'd say 6/10 of my videos get a 'copyright claim' on them, the songs other than live covers of this band are written by themselves... my question is, is the copyright claim correct on my videos or is it picking up something from the tags and assuming copyright ?

I have no problem in acknowledging any claims if they are correct but this doesn't seem so and I would rather any royalties (which I assume is what happens here) goes to the correct person i.e. the band I'm filming.

I did take a quick look at the 'I think the copyright claim is incorrect' and it has options like I have written permission... would this be something worthwhile getting from the band to correct the issue ?

The majority of claims are coming from '
Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society'.

Continuing on (perhaps this belongs in monetization section) I currently have the option to monetize on videos, which for the most part I turn off since they are live gigs and throw these copyright claims at me. If I was to get 'written' permission from the band would I then be able to monetize from the videos, of course I would speak to them first about it but from just a straight forward point of view would that be something I could look into with the band ?​
Any pointers, help would be appreciated... I have read online material but nothing seems to cover this sort of issue.​
Thanks in advance​