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I'm thinking about doing vlogs and collars to add to my channel even though it's a bucket list channel I just feel that if I did so I'd get more views and my viewers could get to know me better, but I'm just wondering like my channel is about my bucket list and inspiring people to follow there dreams and to not give up no matter what, how I can add vlogs and collabs into that. If that even makes any sense... Help! :) any advice would be great
Some advice..

Every YouTuber starts their channel with a vision, whether that be somebody else's channel that they idolize or just the need to create something that other people can like and admire. It's a great feeling when other people like the things that you create. And I think that this is the main driving force behind most YouTubers when they start out. When you get that first comment, that first like, you think, "wow, I could really do this. This will be something that will make me very happy!"


There are 3 things you MUST never forget when you're a YouTuber. 3 things that most YouTubers tend to forget- which can eventually lead to you quitting YouTube and ultimately resulting in A LOT of wasted time.


- Definitely the most important virtues that any YouTuber can have.
The more patience you have directly corresponds with how many subs/likes/favorites you will get.

You need to be patient!

Patient while editing videos, patient while waiting for people to sub to your channel, and more importantly PATIENT WHEN PEOPLE DISLIKE YOUR CONTENT! Most YouTubers give up when they hit a bump in the road. Here's a reality check for you - EVERYONE DOES. Even Jenna Marbles gets sad sometimes. Pick your a** up off the carpet and get vacuuming! Your content must be entertaining to say the least. The one thing that I KNOW FOR SURE is if you have quality content and you mix some patience and a lot of persistence together in your black witchy cauldron you will be pleasantly surprised when you wake up one morning and HOT DAMN! SUBS EVERYWHERE! (not sandwiches..but that wouldn't be too bad either.)


This is VERY IMPORTANT. It's okay to have a handful of YouTubers that you admire, but if you compare yourself to those successful YouTubers and aspire to be just like them, you will never be just like them. It won't happen. Sorry for bursting your bubble but you AREN'T THEM! Try to be creative and post videos that aren't shi**y replicas of other famous videos. Original content is a must. The only person that you should compare yourself to is THE YOU THAT YOU WERE LAST WEEK! Always progress. You're more likely to get your a** to the moon than you are to make yourself into a carbon copy of another human being. Keep that in mind

OH. And make friends! Friends can be SO beneficial to your channel and your overall happiness. Collaborative videos will help you out SO MUCH. And be friendly Nobody likes a self-righteous d**k head.


A mistake that I made when I first started my YouTube channel was giving into my timidness. I didn't let my parents know that I was making videos, I didn't let my friends know, I hid it from Facebook. In other words, I was my own worst enemy. You want to work for what you want! Don't let fear of rejection (rejection is a part of life GET USED TO IT) or the fear of being scorned by your parents stop you from achieving your goals on YouTube. You want to SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Let EVERYONE know about your channel. EVERYONE. Yes, even that weird girl at the McDonalds drive thru. The more people that know about your channel the better Let the word of mouth work for you. MOST people are decent and will like what you're doing I promise ;-)

One last thing. Since you're here you probably already know this, but try to use multiple outlets to promote your channel. YouTube is your main hub, but it isn't your only source! Use forums, twitter, tumblr, facebook, myspace (yes, even myspace.) post your stuff on reddit, stickers on telephone poles might get you a sub or two as well Just don't spam. No one likes spam. They like friendly invites.

I hope that helped.
I know I'm not perfect, so who am I to preach, right? These are just a few things that I've observed about myself and my own flaws that I'm trying to work through. Thanks for reading. You guys rule