Coming Back to Youtube after 5+ years deciding where my channel should go.

Ryan Ancona

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Mar 13, 2014
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So long story short i was making videos every week when i was 15 and i loved it. Except i had really bad anxtiety and a week after i had hit my first ever "viral video" for me (holding about 20k views today reference all my other videos would reach maybe 200) i never made a video again. Now i think ive built up the courage to make something again. Ive missed it. I know i want to stay with a simillar theme of opinionated talk style videos based on my ideas. I however dont want to show my face anymore because i fear it will bring back the anxiety that lead me to leave. Youtube is very different today than it was i have no idea what i want to talk about yet how i should format my video style. I know commentary and response videos is where i want to go but any help in the other bits would be great. Thanks eveyone!