Come watch A CoD Livestream?


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Every Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:30am EST, 3 other youtubers and I host a show called CoDConcepts where we create our own Call of Duty game based on the best aspects of the past CoD games. It's a cool way to reflect on the previous games while combining the best parts to create a super call of duty. Tonight is our 3rd episode and we will be talking about our favorite assault rifles and each week we talk about a new portion of the game. If you are interested or if you like Call of Duty, come hang out with us and meet other youtubers in the chat room. We also read your thoughts on the topic if you tweet with #CoDConcepts or comment on the video. This is a very friendly group of people so stop by and have some fun!

The stream is held on my page

I would love to meet new people and this is another cool way to meet others as well :D
hey man this sounds like a lot of fun I would love to join in on something like this with you guys and maybe even bring something like this to my channel