Vlog Collab Ideas


YTtalk Mad
I have a few collab ideas but they all have to be done in person. I really enjoy working with other youtubers but I don't live near any. Anyone got and suggestions for collabs that can be done with two people that live on the other side of the world?
Just have fun with it man. Hop on skype, get an idea and edit the two together. One of my best YouTube buddies is from England and we make videos together all the time.

Either that or you can share talents. Talk to a musician on the other side of the world, have him make music and you do video. Or talk to a writer, or talk to an actor. Trade talents and edit the two together through editing magic.
Well, musicians can do covers etc together, just need to get the timing right, vloggers can do comedy skits like phone conversations, skype conversations etc, and maybe also topic discussions :)
you could do a Q&A one person films themselfs doing Question and sends it to the other person and vice verse