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Hi everyone, I'm Dylan. And I've been watching youtube for years now. It has been only recently that I have stepped in front of a camera to start my journey to becoming a youtuber. And with that being said, i want to expand myself in the youtube community and start a collab channel much like O2L's

I would like for it to involve 6 people, me being one, and have a day assigned for each. Each week there is a topic given and each person will make a video on the topic.

the only requirement is you have to be at least 16.
Girls are more than welcome, i have seen where its says BOYS ONLY and i dont believe in discriminating on sex.

Please just respond and we can start working on getting things started.
i have going throw threads early and found one where you met everything but being a boy and was just about to message you about it.[DOUBLEPOST=1372888923,1372871954][/DOUBLEPOST]he its not letting me reply to your message, but anyways every week there will be a topic and everyone involved will make a video on the topic
its a pretty much first come first serve thing , all you have to do is make a video response to the "audition" video, and meet the requriments