Certificate of no US Activities... can I film in the US?


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Aug 10, 2021
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Part of the tax forms on Adsense this year included a "certificate of no us activities".

It states:
I certify that the services provided to Google or its affiliates will be performed solely outside the
US, and that any labor or capital (including facilities or other tools) used to provide such services will be physically located outside the US.

I am Canadian and we have a tax treaty with the US so Adsense does not withhold taxes however this form makes me curious if I'm able to feature any content that was made in the US (such as stock footage licensed) or even go to the US myself and record anything?
I find the wording isn't necessarily clear that it excludes filming in the US or if my videos are "services to Google".

I've seen non-US Youtubers who are monetized travel to the US this summer and put up their content (and countless on Twitch) so does anyone know what this means?

I can't find any answers on the google forums.