Can you create good content if you talk another language but you have subtitles?

I have thought about beginning to do youtube for a while now but because i am unsure about my english because im from Denmark i didnt want to begin on doing YT. I want to make gaming videos and VLOGS.

Because of this im now asking if you can make as good content with english subtitles on a video while youre speaking another language in the background.

With me having english in my videos i can reach out to a bigger audience instead of only reaching out to danish speaking people. But then again it crosses my mind that if i made danish videos i could express myself more in the way i like with banter and other things. But i could also just say f*** it and talk english in my videos but with a risk that i that start mumbling and dont know what to say.

So should i make videos with english subtitles and talk danish in the background or should i just jump into it and start making everything english in my videos?

Please help, really want to get started.
Most certainly you can make good content in another language and still appeal to a larger audience. I subscribe to a bit of other people whose language I don't understand but they do have subtitles so I don't mind. Sometimes they do videos in English because they know some of their following only understand English and it makes us feel more welcomed. So you could probably just do mostly Danish and once in a while English. Hope this helped :)
If you ask me the best way is to speak in english! I felt just like you in the beginning but I thought f**k, I'll talk in english and see how it goes! The first videos were horrible but I've got used to speak in another language! My english isn't perfect but I can make myself understood and I improve everytime I make a new video!

But that's just what I think! I'd say try stuff out! I talked in swedish in one of my movies and added subtitles in post-production! It was great fun and I'm proud of the video but it was a very time-consuming process and it took me a while to finish it!
don't worry about your English language, if you r trying to build big audience you should focus on the contents itself as to be understandable and using illustration is one the efficient ways regardless of the language. On other hand, I think it is a great idea to put subtitles because, as i ve heard, putting captions and subtitles will make your video ranking in the search engines somewhat higher.