Can someone help me with this issue on Youtube?


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As per the title I have an issue on Youtube which I'm trying to sort. I've uploaded 2 of my songs just with a cover art image. I've also uploaded a music video for each song. My issue is when you click on the song under my 'Releases' tab on youtube it doesn't take you to the official song upload it takes you to my music video.

This has happened on the last 2 songs I've uploaded. Weirdly it's all fine for the first week or so, ie linking to the correct place. But after a week it changes and starts linking to the music video and not the official audio.

The 2 songs are Bridging the Gap and Here She Comes. So for example you should click on Here She Comes under Releases it should take you to the song playing just with the art work of the lady....instead it takes you to the music video.

Can anyone help with this? Link to my channel -