Can I customize my username or did they change it?

Koda James

I use to have an old channel, but lost it a few years ago and was never told why. Anyway back then my name on there was KodaFUN. I wanted to have a unique name like that again. I was going to change my URL and it seems I can't customize my name or URL anymore like in the past. Do I have to use my name now? Does my name HAVE TO be in my URL?
I believe that it's on your channel dashboard, under the channel section. It's part of the section that allows you to enable monetization, streaming, etc.
So here is the thing. I can only choose KodaJames. I can't change it to anything else like "GodMonsterX3000". Not that I'd do that, but if I wanted to do that, how'd I do it?


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You should have the ability to change your channel name in your account settings (it may require you to update your Google+ account if linked). Look for a link next to your avatar:

You can't change your URL since YouTube automatically offers you the URL based on the brand you established for your account before you became eligible.

You can choose a custom URL based on things like your display name, your YouTube username, any current vanity URLs that you have, or the name of your linked website (all subject to availability)


Custom URLs are based on channel description, Google identity, associated website and a few other factors. This is to ensure that channels can get a URL that is unique to the channel's brand, consistent on YouTube and shared across all of Google’s services.