Best places to get equipment


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I was looking to be getting some new equipment maybe a professional backdrop/background and a good quality background/backdrop holder, I cant remember what they're called now. Does anyone know where to go for these kinds of things or the best place to go?

Thank you.
Umm.. Amazon. If you want highstreet stores, try Argos, Crafty shops, Camera shops like PC World, Currys, Comet. id even go ahead and say B & Q. also try Costco.
Thanks I never really have a proper look around the high street shops, we dont seem to have a Costco in Newcastle unless I am mistaken, everyone seems to talk about it but I haven't seen one before. I was thinking of being handy and making one myself from some MDF, fabric and using a staple gun to staple the fabric to it but I am sure you must be able to get some sort of folding one that you can get out when you need it.