Anyone use a blog to promote your channel?


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some articles said we should build a website to promote our channel,but I dun have enough content to build a website just for my channel, so I decided to use a blog instead. Does anyone use a blog too? is it helpful to you?
We don't currently have a blog/website, but we are planning on launching one soon. I think it's a good idea. It certainly doesn't hurt. And if you keep it active, it could be a new source of viewers who wouldn't have found out about your videos otherwise.
I have a blog for my YouTube channel. You can check it out here:
It is definitely helpful. I get people to subscribe to our email list, buy binaural beats, and learn more about what I do, I get around 100 views a day on my blog.
Right now I stick to twitter and facebook. I have tought about a website, but I dont think I would ever make one until i got over 100k subs, and thats a loooooooong ways away.
I have a blog, and it does seem rather successful, but whenever I post about my channel and actual episodes, those posts tend to get few views.
I dont blog, but I have a site.
I have a few people registered, but its not active enough to really...advertise my videos.