Gaming Anyone Down To Do An Xbox Collab With A New Youtuber


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I am a youtuber with 9 subs (JHD)
And I’m trying to build my channel up and ultimately find some people or some person to film videos with if anyone is able to message me on Xbox(JackG2704) discord(JHD#4268) or on here
thank you
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id love to join you. i have 97 subscribers! My Xbox gamer tag is LowKeyAnCrushin and my discord is Liquid Snipes YT#6727
Hey, I have just started a Yt channel like a month ago and it sounds like I'm looking for the same thing you are. My channel is ComicalBurrito just like my gamertag but like i said i just started :p
I've got some videos but i also have some stuff to learn editing wise (Quick learner though lol)
I'm 18+ and mainly play xbox one. check out some of my videos and lemme know if you wanna try a session or 2 to see if we are on the same page.

^^ there's a link to my channel and the videos i have so far.I'm not promoting my channel here but i want to provide the link.