Adwords on website and embedded YouTube videos.


Loving YTtalk

I have been trying to find the answer to this one.
I am planning to revamp my website. With that, I want to embed by YouTube videos and also add Adwords advertisement on my website.
Someone mentioned that it's against terms of use to put ads on my website and also have my videos embedded there?

Is that true? I guess technically I would be making money off the ads from my website and also because the videos are mine, I would be also making money of views from my videos? I don't really see an issue but perhaps YouTube does. Just want to be sure I don't break the terms of use.

Also is it for just the same page or site wise?

Not completely sure so I dont wanna give you an incorrect answer but I do know adsense is VERY strict. They have a lot of small detailed rules buried in their terms and so you have to be very careful. T